In the past decade, globalization has flattened the world and it has become increasingly significant for companies to utilize the services of outsourcing firms to thrive in this competitive environment. India is emerging as the major hub for outsourcing, especially for IT as compared to other outsourcing locations in the Pacific Rim, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Even though many other countries including China, Ireland, Mexico, Philippines have emerged as major competitors, India has managed to surpassed all others and rose as the top outsourcing destination across the globe.

Being a frontrunner in outsourcing, the IT industry of India is is growing at the rate of 30% especially in the areas of customer service, data handling, back-end processing, programming, and other technical and communications functions. The major differentiators are fast-developing infrastructure, favorable government policies, and an immensely talented workforce which makes Indian IT outsourcing industry one of the most preferred across the globe.

Here are some more reasons that why is it a good idea to choose India for outsourcing IT services:

Largest Technical & Professional Talent Pool

When it comes to the vast pool of skilled and talented human resources, India remains unmatched as it holds the distinction of being the largest English speaking nation in the world, larger than the US and UK combined. which attracts companies wishing to outsource. Apart from the large number of professionals, the quality of talent attracts companies to outsource. Most importantly, the creative and innovative perspective of the candidates make companies choose India among other countries for their outsourcing needs.

Flexible Pricing Options

The foremost reason why India remains as a top outsourcing provider is due to flexible pricing options that companies can easily handle. This is due to the wide gap between the personnel costs in India and developed countries. For example, a professional developer can cost anywhere from $50 to $80 an hour (depends on his/her skills and experience). Comparatively, the hourly cost of a developer in India can be negotiated down to $15 per hour. This pricing flexibility allows companies to enjoy the creativity and freedom whilst managing their budget and helps in reaping profits.

Consistent High-Quality Services

When the cost factor plays a vital role in outsourcing, the high-quality services provided by outsourcing firms of India has enabled India to become one of the top outsourcing destinations. Not only cost reduction is only part of the reason of companies considering offshore outsourcing, but also there were benefits like managing other key business functions and increase your current growth rate.

Help Your Company Become More Scalable

Since businesses are unpredictable with many reasons, sometimes you may not always have the staff members with the appropriate skills or you might have more workload and nobody to handle it. In this case, outsourcing to India can help you handle such complex challenges by giving access to skilled people, as and when you require them. Whether you need more or less resources to get your tasks completed at time, outsourcing can provide your company with a certain level of scalability.

Best Infrastructure and Technology

When it comes to telecom, ISP and cellular networks, India is a well-developed country and offers state-of-the-art infrastructure; that is why clients are offered the latest practices in technology, including tailored solutions for various business verticals such as e-commerce, system integration, system maintenance, business processes, and much more. Outsourcing companies also maintains flexible communication channels with clients by providing high-speed internet connectivity and fiber optic networks.

Provide The Quickest Time-To-Market

Almost all the outsourcing companies in India provide the quickest time-to-market due to different time zone differences. The 12-hour difference between India and the USA provides companies with a variety of opportunities for work to be completed in a stipulated time frame, leading to increased productivity, greater efficiency and more time to focus on other key operations. In India, clients also have the flexibility to outsource service-related options, such as helpdesk and 24*7 customer support services.

With the above mentioned reasons, it has become clear that it would be a wise decision to outsource IT services to India and expect a marked improvement in the profit, productivity and net sales.